Whether you have recently added a garden room to your home or you have had one for a while, getting creative with the interior design is one of the most fun parts of your outdoor room. Of course, you want to make sure you feel good about your choice of furniture. So, where should you look to find your garden room furniture? Read on to find out.


The Fair Trade Furniture Company


No matter what atmosphere you are trying to create, the Fair Trade Furniture Company is the perfect place to start your search. As the only furniture company in Europe that can say they are verified by the World Fair Trade Organisation, they are an upstanding company where you can feel proud to source your brand new styles. Their range of collections also means you aren’t restricted and can easily find the perfect fit for you.


The ranges


If you are working with a smaller space or want to stick to a tidier feel, the Bantul range is for you. This selection focuses on compact, clean designs that are comfortable but also neat. This could be perfect for a smaller garden room or one where you want to keep lots of free space to enjoy.


Semarang is a range that focuses on joyfulness and comfort, somewhere you can curl up with higher chairs on one side to create a cosy, warm area as well as a section with lower ones to provide the utmost comfort and cosiness.


Jogya also incorporates this asymmetrical style to build a quirky and playful room. It aims to create a relaxing area that is perfect for a range of activities, making it great for multipurpose areas or spaces that you want to be more lively and interesting.


Bespoke ranges


Although they may take a little longer to design and create, the bespoke ranges available from the Fair Trade Furniture Company are breathtaking. Kartosuro promises elegance and classy lines for a more high-brow appearance that will definitely leave an impression. Jepara is more modular, using techniques to be more efficient in the space you have. The stylish Semarang dining range is perfect for gatherings and those who like to host or eat dinner together, making great use of a larger space as a communal area.

For sturdy and ethical furniture, it is worth starting your search at the Fair Trade Furniture Company here. You’re sure to find a collection that captures the perfect vibe for your garden room without you having to waste hours and days trying to mix and match furniture.


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