What is Your MPAN number and Why Do You Need To Know it?

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papernest is rated 4.7/5 on Trustpilot

Your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN number) is the key to identifying your unique energy meter, helping to facilitate a quick and easy energy switch and ensure accurate billing! Switching energy suppliers regularly is the key to keeping your energy bills manageable; Even the energy watchdog Ofgem recommends switching every 12-18 months. Switching suppliers is now faster than ever. But there are a few easy things you can do to make it quicker and easier. After all, the quicker your switch, the sooner you can start saving!
Last update: June 2022

As you may have heard on the news, the UK energy market is currently under an immense amount of stress as a result of a global gas shortage driving up costs and putting several energy suppliers out of business. To learn more about this and stay updated on a daily basis you can read our page on the UK energy crisis.

One of the easiest and most important is to identify your MPAN number. If the term isn’t familiar to you, don’t worry! Many energy consumers don’t know what their MPAN number is, how to find it, or why they might need it. Fear not, dear reader. The Papernest team are here to help you make sense of your MPAN number. Let’s start at the very beginning…

What is an MPAN number?

An MPAN number is the unique identification number for your electricity meter. MPAN stands for Meter Point Administration Number. It helps energy supplier, meter reading companies and other energy services to identify your unique electric meter.

MPAN numbers are known by other names, which can be confusing It is also known as a “Supply Number” or simply “S Number”.

What does my MPAN number look like?

How do you know your MPAN number when you see it? We’ll explain how to identify your MPAN number when you’re looking for it! Your MPAN numbers is 21 digits long. It will look like two rows of three columns next to a large letter “S” (hence why they are referred to as “S Numbers”).

It should look like this:

01 111 222
12 12345678 123

These numbers tell you what kind of profile class your meter is (i.e. single or dual-rate) as well as how many rates it has, and who is the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) in your area. These are the companies responsible for maintaining and upgrading the network of cables and wires that make up the national grid.

What is my electricity supply number?

Your electricity supply number is just another word for your MPAN number. Sometimes people abbreviate this to “Supply Number” or “S Number”. But whenever you are asked for any of these, you’re just being asked for your MPAN number.

Does your MPAN number change?

No, even when you change suppliers, your MPAN number will always remain the same. The only time your MPAN number would change is if you were to contact your DNO to disconnect your home from the National Grid, then get a brand new connection some time later.

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Where can I find my MPAN?

Now we know what an MPAN number is… but how can you find yours when you’re asked for it? Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you can do this. The easiest is to check your most recent bill. Whether you receive a paper bill or manage your account online, you should see your MPAN number clearly displayed either on the bottom half of the front page of your bill, or the reverse of that page. Remember that it may be called your “electricity supply number” or “S number”.

Speaking of your energy bills, if you’ve just moved into a new home, your energy bills may be much higher than they should. Contact us at Papernest as soon as you move in and we can start saving money on your bills as early as possible.

How do I find my MPAN number without a bill?

Perhaps you can’t find your MPAN number on your latest bill. Or maybe you’ve moved into a new home and don’t want to wait for your first bill from the incumbent supplier before you switch out of your needlessly expensive deemed contract.

The good news is that there are several ways to find out your MPAN number without a bill. Here are some places you can check…

Is my MPAN number on the meter?

Although your MPAN number isn’t visible on the meter itself, it’s worth checking in your meter cupboard. The previous occupant or landlord may have written it down in the meter cupboard. Even if it’s not there, you should take a moment to take down and log a meter reading so that you’re accurately billed.

Does my supplier know my MPAN number?

No MPAN number in your meter cabinet? No problem! Try contacting your energy supplier and they should be able to furnish you with your property’s MPAN number.

Does my DNO know my MPAN number?

If you’ve just moved into your home, you may not yet know who supplies energy to your property. Alternatively, you may be having trouble getting through to your supplier’s customer service department.

In either case, your Distribution Network Operator may be able to help. They can let you know what your MPAN number is if you provide them with your home’s full address and postcode. They’ll also be able to tell you who currently supplies energy to the property if you’ve just moved in. You can contact your DNO’s Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS) by finding your region’s DNO and contact details in the table below.

Region Where You Live Distribution Network Operator MPAS Service Contact Number
North Scotland Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks 0800 048 3515
Central and Southern Scotland SP Energy Networks 0330 1010 300
North East England and Yorkshire Northern Powergrid 0800 011 3332
North West England Electricity North West 0800 195 4141
Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales & North Shropshire SP Energy Networks 0330 1010 300
East Midlands & West Midlands Western Power Distribution 0800 096 3080
South Wales & South West England Western Power Distribution 0800 096 3080
London, South East England & Eastern England UK Power Networks 0800 029 4285
Southern England Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks 0800 048 3516
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Electricity Networks 03457 643 643

Is there an MPAN number finder online?

If you’d prefer to check online, you can find your property in the UK’s MPAN Number database by heading to the UK Power Networks website and carrying out an MPAN number search. All you need to do is provide your address, postcode and email address.

What is an MPRN number?

A Meter Point Registration Number (MPRN) is the gas equivalent of your MPAN number. It is used to identify your gas meter.

Like your MPAN number, your MPRN number remains the same, no matter how many times you change gas suppliers. It is much shorter than your MPAN number (only 6-10 digits long).

MPAN Number

How to find your MPRN number

You can find your MPRN number in all the same places you’d find your MPAN number. The easiest place to check is your most recent bill. If you’ve just moved into a new home can’t find your MPRN number on your bill, it’s important to remember that your home’s previous occupant may have used separate suppliers for their gas and electricity.

If you can’t find your MPRN on your gas bill, try:

  • Check your gas meter cupboard
  • Contact your gas supplier directly
  • Contact your gas transporter

A gas transporter is the gas equivalent of a DNO. They are responsible for maintaining and upgrading the gas grid in your region. Give them your full address and postcode and they will be able to tell you your MPRN number and the name of the company that supplies gas to your home.

You can find your gas transporter’s contact details in the table below:

Distributor Area Contact Number
Cadent Gas North West of England, West Midlands, East of England and North London 0800 389 8000
Northern Gas Networks North East of England, Northern Cumbria, and much of Yorkshire 0800 040 7766
SGN Scotland and Southern England 0800 912 1700
Wales & West Utilities Wales and the South West of England 0800 912 2999

When you might need your MPAN or MPRN Number

There are a number of reasons why you might need your MPAN and / or MPRN number. These include…

Switching energy suppliers

Did you know that the average household could save up to £300 per year by switching suppliers regularly? And the sooner your switch is carried out, the more you could potentially save. The Papernest team can manage your switch to make it as seamless as possible. But if you have your MPAN and MPRN numbers, we can make your switch happen even faster.

Moving to a new home

If you’ve just moved into a new home, you may not know who supplies energy to your property. The quicker you find out, the sooner you can find out how much you could save by switching. Knowing your MPAN and MPRN number can help your DNO or gas transporter to find out your supplier more quickly and easier.

Let the Papernest team manage your energy switch and find you the best deal!

Once you know your MPAN and MPRN numbers, you can trust the Papernest team to find the best value energy supplier and tariff for your needs. We scour the market to find you the perfect plan based on your household’s unique needs and priorities.

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What does MPAN stand for?

MPAN stands for Meter Point Administration Number. It’s the number that’s used to identify your home’s electric meter.

What is an MPAN number on an electricity meter?

An MPAN number is a 21-digit long number that identifies your type of meter, and other information such as which DNO maintains the national grid in your area,

Is MPAN the same as meter serial number?

No. The meter serial number is used to identify the make, model and unit of your meter. It communicates very different information to your MPAN number. Unlike your MPAN number, your meter serial number is displayed on the meter itself.

You’re unlikely to ever need to know your serial number.

When might you need your MPAN number?

You’ll typically need to know your MPAN number when:

  • Moving to a new home
  • Identifying your home’s energy supplier, or most likely
  • When switching energy suppliers to ensure a faster and more seamless switch

Updated on 15 Jun, 2022

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