Sainsbury’s Energy in 2022: Prices, Reviews and Contact Details

papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with Sainsbury´s Energy

papernest disclaims that they are not in partnership with Sainsbury´s Energy

Don’t you just love it when your supermarket has everything you need? Sainsbury’s Energy provides energy in conjunction with PS Energy UK. A brand owned by the newly consolidated npower and E.On and operated by the nascent E.On Next brand. A brief investigation of Sainsbury’s Energy reveals it to be a trustworthy and reliable brand, with fairly competitive prices and a good record for customer service. However, the brand is currently in a state of some flux. Its tariffs, for example, have recently been overhauled. And with changes underway at E.On Next / npower / PS Energy UK, energy consumers may reasonably wonder if it’s worth jumping on the Sainsbury’s Energy bandwagon right now.
Last update: June 2022

As you may have heard on the news, the UK energy market is currently under an immense amount of stress as a result of a global gas shortage driving up costs and putting several energy suppliers out of business. To learn more about this and stay updated on a daily basis you can read our page on the UK energy crisis.

With Sainsbury’s Energy, you can get your gas and electricity from the same place you get your groceries and homeware. And potentially earn some great Nectar Point bonuses, too. But is Sainsbury’s Energy the right energy supplier for you? We’ll help you make the right decision by seeing how they measure up in all the ways that matter to you…

Founded 2019
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Client Number 0808 301 7521
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Postal Address Sainsbury’s Energy, 5th Floor, 125 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 3SD

What makes Sainsbury’s Energy different?

After breaking with British Gas in 2019, it seemed as though Sainsbury’s Energy was about to be consigned to the pile of failed energy suppliers that have proliferated over the past free years. But a new partnership with PS Energy UK has given a new lease of life to the ailing supplier.
Supplying renewable electricity and natural gas, Sainsbury’s Energy hopes to build a trustworthy brand that rewards its customers. If you already use Sainsbury’s to get your groceries and fuel, you may find that Sainsbury’s Energy is highly advantageous for you. Sign up to a Sainsbury’s Energy plan and you could find yourself thousands of nectar points better off.
Sainsbury’s is one of the most trusted names in supermarket retail, paired with two amalgamated companies that make up 33% of the “Big 6”. As such, they are potentially one of the best-known and most reliable names in energy.

Who are Sainsbury’s Energy?

Sainsbury’s needs no introduction for most in the UK. The supermarket has been looking after UK shoppers since 1869. They got into the energy market in the latter half of the 2010s, first in partnership with British Gas and, as of 2019 in conjunction with N Power / E.On.

Who owns Sainsbury’s Energy?

Sainsbury’s Energy is a joint venture between the supermarket giant (who handle the customer-facing aspects of the business) and Powershop Energy, a brand owned by E.On.

Our opinion on Sainsbury’s Energy

Sainsbury’s Energy offer simple renewable energy plans at (historically) very reasonable rates. However, the company is in a state of flux in light of the E.On Next / PS Energy UK merger and current rates are not clear.
However, you can always count on the Papernest team to find the right supplier and tariff for your household’s unique needs.
Let’s dive a little deeper.

Sainsbury’s Energy tariffs & prices in 2021

Sainsbury’s Energy’s tariffs have recently undergone an overhaul. Their previous rates have been replaced with a single, easy to understand fixed energy plan. There are two variants of this.
The Fix & Reward energy plan has both 1 year and 2 year variants. Unfortunately, customers are not currently able to retrieve new quotes, and current unit rates and standing charges have not been disclosed. It’s possible that these will change in the near future. Indeed there is growing indications that Sainbury’s energy will now be providing the new set of E.ON Next tariffs that you can find everything about in the guide of our cousin website.
We can, however, look at the most recent annual energy costs by region. Energy costs are based on assumed energy consumption of 12,000 kWh of gas and 3,100 kWh of electricity per year. Prices are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

Sainsbury’s Energy 1 Year Fix and Reward

This is Sainsbury’s Energy’s 12 month fixed-rate tariff. It offers 100% renewable electricity which is available either on its own or as a dual fuel tariff. It comes with an early exit fee of £30 per fuel. Customers who choose this tariff get an additional 2,000 Nectar points per fuel. Sainsbury’s customers also get double points for single fuel and triple points for dual fuel in store up to a value of 3,500 points per fuel per annum. This is an online-only tariff.
In the table below, you can find the most up to date average annual energy costs per region for single and dual fuels.

Average Energy Rates Electricity Only Dual Fuel
Eastern £570.69 £985.17
East Midlands £545.95 £946.57
London £559.60 £1,001.79
Manweb £609.36 £1,027.62
Midlands £558.05 £975.05
Northern £558.06 £964.98
Norweb £557.42 £970.64
Scottish Hydro £594.71 £1,018.01
Scottish Power £560.97 £984.27
Seeboard £596.27 £1,028.39
Southern £555.36 £998.81
Swalec £572.16 £1,006.80
Sweb £589.53 £1,040.55
Yorkshire £559.09 £962.23
Average £570.52 £993.63

Sainsbury's energy

Sainsbury’s Energy 2 Year Fix and Reward

This is Sainsbury’s Energy’s 2 year fixed-rate energy plan. Again, it offers 100% renewable electricity on its own, as well as dual fuel energy. Sign up to this tariff and you get 4,000 extra Nectar Points. This tariff comes with an early exit fee of £30 per fuel.

Average Energy Rates Electricity Only Dual Fuel
Eastern £558.25 £964.34
East Midlands £534.05 £927.53
London £547.43 £981.23
Manweb £595.59 £1,006.71
Midlands £545.92 £955.78
Northern £546.39 £944.91
Norweb £545.25 £950.08
Scottish Hydro £581.82 £997.99
Scottish Power £548.84 £965.00
Seeboard £583.22 £1,006.95
Southern £543.15 £978.21
Swalec £559.42 £985.67
Sweb £576.53 £1,019.15
Yorkshire £547.42 £942.16
Average £558.09 £973.26

Is Sainsbury’s Energy really cheaper?

On average, Sainsbury’s Energy tariffs do seem cheaper than most, although unit rates may change in the near future. Rates are currently comfortably below the Ofgem Energy Price Cap which has been increased to pre-COVID levels at £1,138 for both fuels.
However, in the case of both tariffs, when the fixed-rates expire you will be moved onto a standard default tariff. And this may be significantly more expensive. You can contact the Papernest team within 60 days of your tariff’s expiry. We can find you a cheaper new energy plan within this timeframe, without incurring any early exit fees.

Sainsbury's energy

Sainsbury’s Energy: What other services do they offer?

Sainsbury’s Energy has a few other services available to its energy customers. Let’s take a closer look at these here.

Can I get extra Nectar Points with Sainsbury’s Energy?

Absolutely! As well as picking up 2,000 bonus nectar points when you sign up to a 1 year fixed plan and 4,000 extra nectar points when you sign up for 2 years, you can also get more nectar points when you spend money in any Sainsbury’s store.
Single fuel customers get double points while dual fuel customers get triple points.

Do Sainsbury’s Energy do business tariffs?

Unfortunately, Sainsbury’s Energy do not offer business energy plans. They are focused singularly on domestic energy.

Do Sainsbury’s Energy have smart meters? What smart meters do they offer?

Yes, since they are in partnership with two of the biggest names in UK energy, Sainsbury’s Energy are well placed to offer smart meters. Installations are still going ahead under what remains of the national lockdown.
At present, Sainsbury’s Energy exclusively offers second-generation SMETS2 meters. These are advantageous as they remain fully functional no matter how many times you switch energy suppliers.

How to apply for the Warm Home Discount with Sainsbury’s Energy

Energy suppliers with over 250,000 customers are required by law to provide the Warm Home Discount. This gives a flat discount of £140 on the cost of energy through the colder months from September to March for elderly and financially vulnerable energy consumers.
Because it is paired with E.On / N Power, Sainsbury’s Energy does offer the Warm Home Discount. If you’re of pension age (Core Group) you don’t need to do anything. Sainsbury’s Energy will contact you in the summer when applications are open. If you are in receipt of income-related benefits (broader group), you will be able to apply via Sainsbury’s website in summer.

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Sainsbury’s Energy customer reviews: What do their customers say?

At papernest, we’ll always match the right energy supplier and plan to your unique needs and priorities. As such, we recognise that there’s more to a supplier than their prices. You also want to know that they offer the kind of customer service you expect.
What better way to evaluate this than by seeing what Sainsbury’s Energy’s customers say about the brand?
To do this, we can look at Sainsbury’s Energy’s Trustpilot page. This gives a good overview of how customers feel, as well as in-depth qualitative data from customer reviews.
At the time of writing, Sainsbury’s Energy has an overall customer score of 3.9 out of 5. This makes them a “Great” supplier, on the verge of “Excellent”.
At present, Sainsbury’s Energy has a fairly modest 264 customer reviews. Of which:

  • 114 (43%) were “Excellent”
  • 19 (7%) were “Great”
  • 8 (3%) were “Average”
  • 11 (4%) were “Poor”
  • 112 (42%) were “Bad”

As we can see, 50% of customers currently believe that Sainsbury’s Energy customers believe the brand to be above average. However, the number of reviewers rating the brand as “Excellent” and “Bad” is almost equal.
Positive reviews highlight excellent customer service, and speedy transfer of nectar points. Customers also laud the company for ease of switching, and fast issue resolution.
Less flattering comments cite difficulty managing accounts online, issues getting in touch with the customer service team, and cancelled / suspended contracts during the merger with E.On.

How green is Sainsbury’s Energy?

Sainsbury’s Energy offers 100% renewable electricity on all its new tariffs. However, it does not currently offer green biomethane gas or carbon-offset natural gas. Find out more and compare green energy suppliers here.

Sainsbury’s Energy energy fuel mix

Although Sainsbury’s Energy offers 100% green energy tariffs to new customers, its energy fuel mix is not yet 100% renewable.
Its full energy fuel mix is as follows:

  • 54.4% Natural gas
  • 30.7% Renewables
  • 6.2% Nuclear
  • 4.8% coal

Contacting Sainsbury’s Energy

The papernest team understand how important it is to get in touch with your energy provider when you need help and support. So, how easy is it to contact Sainsbury’s Energy?
The fastest way to contact them is by calling 0808 301 7521, or filling out a customer contact form on their website.

Sainsbury’s Energy: How to pay

All of Sainsbury’s Energy’s current tariffs are only payable by monthly direct debit. We recommend taking monthly meter readings, or installing a smart meter, to ensure that your direct debits always reflect your usage.

How to refer a friend to Sainsbury’s Energy

Unfortunately, Sainsbury’s Energy does not currently offer a referral scheme.

How to complain about Sainsbury’s Energy

If you have a complaint about Sainsbury’s Energy, you can submit it to the team over the phone, or by emailing
Although you don’t necessarily have to send your complaint in the post, you can do so if you choose. Send your complaint to:
Sainsbury’s Energy
5th Floor
125 Colmore Row
B3 3SD
Sainsbury’s Energy will have 8 weeks from receipt of your complaint to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. If you feel that this has not been done within 8 weeks, you can submit your complaint to the energy ombudsman.
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When was Sainsbury's Energy founded?

Sainsbury's Energy (in its current incarnation) was founded in 2019 after parting ways with previous partners British Gas.

Is Sainsbury’s Energy a green supplier?

Although Sainsbury’s new tariffs offer 100% renewable electricity, their energy fuel mix is not yet 100% renewable. They also do not yet offer carbon-neutral or carbon-offset gas.

How often do Sainsbury's Energy bill?

The only way to pay your Sainsbury’s Energy bill is by monthly Direct Debit. We recommend either installing a smart meter or checking our meter reading every month to ensure that your direct debit amounts always match your energy usage.

How do I cancel Sainsbury’s Energy?

You don’t need to cancel your Sainsbury’s Energy account if you want to switch. Just let the papernest team help you choose a new energy plan. Your new supplier will get in touch with Sainsbury’s Energy and arrange the switch forWe’ll coordinate the switch on your behalf, managing it from end-to-end.

How long does it take to switch to Sainsbury's Energy?

Because papernest manages your switch for you, it’s easy to get fast access to cheaper energy. Your new Sainsbury’s energy account will be ready to go within just 15 days.

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