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One of the UK’s smaller energy suppliers, Together Energy who were based in Dunbartonshire, Scotland have unfortunately gone out of business. The company served around 150,000 households across the country. Founded in 2016, Together Energy had grown quickly, having inherited around 36,000 customers from failed supplier OneSelect in 2018. The company offered a choice of fixed rate tariffs as well as a variable deal and a prepayment option. It claimed to offer some of the lowest rates around, which made them a popular choice for households who were looking to reduce their energy bills. Ofgem has announced that all customers will be transferred to British Gas. Read on to find out how this might affect you!
Last update: November 2022

Ukraine war and energy crisis

As you probably noticed, the UK energy crisis is increasing energy costs. This has lead to several suppliers forced out of business. At the moment energy companies are reopening for new customers, and as such restart our switching service again. However, the recent developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia probably put extra pressure on energy prices. To remain up to date with the latest news, you can follow along onour page on the UK energy crisis.

Together Energy
Year founded 2016
Year gone bust 2022
Client email
Client number 0141 846 1520
Log in You can log in to your Together Energy account here
Number of clients 150,000

What next for customers?

In general there is not much that customers can do at the moment apart from waiting. However, we will go over some of the things to keep in mind and to be considerate of in the coming period.

Why did Together Energy go bust?

Together Energy was forced out of business by the huge increases in costs of wholesale energy in the UK. As the prices were still capped by the energy cap of Ofgem, together energy was losing money on each customer. Which led to their official downfall on the 1st of January, 2022.

I’m a Together Energy customer: Will my energy supply be interrupted?

No, Ofgem will make sure that you will be transferred automatically to British Gas. This will ensure that you will keep receiving gas and electricity as normal.

Should I continue to pay Together Energy?

You should pay all the bills that you receive from them until you are officially transferred to British Gas. British gas will then inform you on what will happen to any credit or debt that is open on your account. Most likely your credit or debt will be honoured by British Gas, and you thus will receive(have to pay) the exact same amount as before.

Will I be able to keep the same contract?

No you will be set on a deemed contract at British Gas. British Gas will be in touch when the procedure is completed, they will inform you with the specifics of your new deal.

When will British Gas be in touch?

This process usually takes a few weeks. Together Energy had 150,000 customers which all need to be personally conctacted. If it is taking longer than a few weeks without hearing anything, you can try to be in touch with British Gas´ customer service.

Will my bills go up at British Gas?

Probably your bills go up after the automatic switch. The consequences of the energy crisis and the Ukraine war on energy prices are high, and with the Energy companies feel the consequences of the energy crisis. Also, the Energy Price Cap has risen substantially, which means that energy tariffs will be higher. Down below we go into more detail on the tariffs that are available at British Gas.

British Gas tariffs

British Gas offers multiple different plans to its customers. Down below we give an overview of the most important plans and the average annual costs.

British Gas average annual total tariff costs

Here we dissect the average annual total costs of the more common British Gas plans/a>. These costs are based on a standard meter and dual fuel consumption!

Below you can find the cost information associated with these tariffs.

Plan name Tariff type Is the tariff live? Average electricity annual cost (£/year) Average gas annual cost (£/year) Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit fees (£/fuel) Green tariff**
Standard Variable £ 1,274.92* £ 1,481.07* £ 1,610.706* £ 75.00 ✖️
/ Fixed - 12 months £ 1,274.92* £ 1,481.07* £ 2,753.830* £ 75.00 ✖️
/ Fixed - 24 months £ 1,087.49* £ 1,481.07* £ 2,023.698* £ 75.00 ✖️
/ Green - Fixed 12 £ 1,298.93* £ 1,505.09* £ 2,801.784* £ 75.00 ✔️
/ Green - Fixed 24 £ 1,298.93* £ 1,505.09* £ $UK_NRJ_BG_GF24_annualc$* £ 75.00 ✔️
/ Prepayment Variable £ 1,298.93* £ 1,505.09* £ 1,159.148* £ 75.00 ✖️

Prices differ on a postcode basis, this table therefore displays national averages
* Based on the official TDCV : 2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year
** This tariff is green if all the energy consumed is compensated by renewable energy injections in the grid.
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

British Gas Variable Rate Tariffs

British Gas at the moment has just one variable tariff, the standard variable rate tariff. This type of contract gives you flexibility with exiting as you don´t have to pay any exit fees. However, your prices in your plan will always follow market rates. They therefore might fluctuate during your contract period.

The costs associated with this tariff can be seen here:

Plan name Tariff type Type of fuel Is the tariff live? Standing charge (p/day) Unit rate cost (p/kWh) Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit cost (£/fuel) Green tariff**
Standard Variable Electricity 42.01 p* 38.67 p* £ 1,274.92* £ 75.00 ✖️
/ Standard Variable Gas 31.85 p* 11.37 p* £ 1,481.07* £ 75.00 ✖️

Prices differ on a postcode basis, this table therefore displays national averages
* Based on the official TDCV : 2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year
** This tariff is green if all the energy consumed is compensated by renewable energy injections in the grid.
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

British Gas Fixed Rate Tariffs

Please find the lastest fixed rate tariffs on offer at British Gas.

Plan name Tariff type Type of fuel Is the tariff live? Standing charge (p/day) Unit rate cost (p/kWh) Average total annual cost (£/year) Exit cost (£/fuel) Green tariff**
/ Fixed - 12 months Electricity 42.01 p* 38.67 p* £ 1,274.92* £ 75.00 ✖️
/ Fixed - 24 months Electricity 42.01 p* 32.21 p* £ 1,087.49* £ 75.00 ✖️
/ Green - Fixed 12 Electricity 48.59 p* 38.67 p* £ 1,298.93* £ 75.00 ✔️
/ Green - Fixed 24 Electricity 48.59 p* 38.67 p* £ 1,298.93* £ 75.00 ✔️
/ Fixed - 12 months Gas 31.85 p* 11.37 p* £ 1,481.07* £ 75.00 ✖️
/ Fixed - 24 months Gas 31.85 p* 11.37 p* £ 1,481.07* £ 75.00 ✖️
/ Green - Fixed 12 Gas 38.42 p* 11.37 p* £ 1,505.09* £ 75.00 ✔️
/ Green - Fixed 24 Gas 38.42 p* 11.37 p* £ 1,505.09* £ 75.00 ✔️

Prices differ on a postcode basis, this table therefore displays national averages
* Based on the official TDCV : 2,900.00 kWh of ⚡ and 12,000.00 kWh of 🔥 per year
** This tariff is green if all the energy consumed is compensated by renewable energy injections in the grid.
Rates are inclusive of VAT at 5%.

Fixed Rate and Economy 7 rates

If youare interested in fixed rates, prepayment rates or Economy 7 rates, British Gas will have options for you. If you follow our page on British gas you can get an overview of fixed rates, prepayment energy rates and economy 7 rates of British gas.

Am I allowed to switch supplier?

Of course, you can always switch supplier if you like. But, we have to warn you that at the moment, the However, the energy market is in such a stressfull situation that switching is not recommended. It would be almost impossible to find cheaper rates.

Do I have to stay with British Gas?

No you are free to go where you want. But, as said before, finding better rates will be very difficult. Also since British Gas is one of the more stable suppliers, it might be good to stay put for now until the situation has normalised again.

What happens if I was in the process of switching suppliers when Together Energy went bust?

Your switch should be processed as normal.

Who was Together Energy?

As well as being an energy company, Together Energy liked to see itself as a social enterprise. The company claimed that it was working hard to make energy affordable, fair and sustainable and says that it believes fuel poverty should be a thing of the past.
Together Energy was an independent energy company. This means that it wasn´t a subsidiary of any of the larger names in the industry. The supplier offered both gas and electricity and they had a good choice of tariffs available.

What made Together Energy different?

Together Energy said that it cared about its customers and its community. The company claimed to employ 90% of its staff from the poorest 10% of Scotland’s postcodes.
The staff wasn’t trained to read a script when answering the phone to customers, instead, they were encouraged to listen to each individual complaint or query and respond accordingly. Together Energy hoped that this approach made their staff more responsive and more helpful, something that’s not always evident in the company’s reviews.
As well as a different approach to customer service, they also said that its affordability made it stand out. The company said that its two and three-year fixed rate deals were among the cheapest in the UK. However, according to independent reviews, they were not considerably more affordable than tariffs offered by other suppliers.

Was Together Energy cheap?

They claimed to offer the cheapest two and three-year fixed rate deals in the UK. And while it’s true that their tariffs did represent good value for money, there were other suppliers out there with comparable rates.
If you’re looking for a cheap gas or electricity supplier, make sure you use an impartial tool, like our Switch Plan, to check the current deals available in your area. This will ensure you find the most affordable tariff for your household.
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How green was Together Energy?

More and more customers in the UK are putting sustainability at the top of their priority list when selecting an energy supplier. If renewable energy is important to you, it’s a good idea to look at a prospective supplier’s fuel mix to assess their commitment to the environment.
Although Together Energy has the word ‘Green’ in its tariffs, none of its deals were particularly kind on Mother Nature. The company didn´t offer 100% renewable energy tariffs and even its standard deals used much less green electricity that the UK standard.

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Together Energy fuel mix

The table below shows the Together Energy fuel mix compared to the national average:

Fuel Together Energy UK Average
Coal 8.9 5.2
Natural Gas 60.3 41.4
Nuclear 18.1 18.7
Renewables 8.9 32.8
Other Fuels 3.8 1.9

Together Energy customer reviews

When they first started trading back in 2016, it got generally good reviews from its customers. Since then however, things have gone downhill and today, Together Energy customer reviews are not very encouraging.
Things seem to have gone wrong for the company’s customer service in 2018 when it took on 36,000 customers from OneSelect. It’s possible that this forced them to grow too quickly and its staff simply couldn’t keep up.
On internet review site Trustpilot, Together Energy is rated ‘poor’ with a score of 2.4 out of 5. And although 26% of reviews rate the company as ‘Excellent’, a significant 56% rate it as ‘Bad’, the lowest possible score.

A lot of Together Energy customer reviews mention difficulty in contacting the company and a lack of response to phone calls and emails. When customers did get through, issues took a long time to be resolved and many customers are not satisfied with the service they receive.

Inaccurate billing also seemed to be a problem for Together Energy customers. A lot of reviews mention having money taken from their accounts erroneously and difficulty in re-claiming money that has been taken by mistake.
Together Energy reviews posted on impartial sites include:

  • “Four times Together Energy have promised to send me a cheque for £120 and they’ve failed to do so, even though they told the Ombudsman they would.”
  • “After 1year and 3 months Together Energy has at last given me back my own money. I left them in November 2019 because they doubled my direct debit payment for no reason. Despite countless phone calls and emails, I have my £800 returned with no compensation and no apology.”
  • “It took around 9 months to get some kind of login to the website and despite being told my direct debit would increase it never did. They took my first direct debit twice and now I have left them they have still taken another payment!!!”
  • On a more positive note, one customer said:

  • “Happy with the direct debit and billing arrangements.
    Generally have found Together Energy to be easier to contact and pretty quick at resolving any issues….far better than the previous supplier.”
  • And another said:

  • “All the advice and assistance I needed. Didn’t have to wait in a queue too long for it either.”
  • Was Together Energy any good?

    Judging by reviews, tariffs, fuel mix and customer satisfaction, it’s fair to say that Together Energy had room for improvement. The company needed to improve its customer service and issue resolution.

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    Should I switch supplier?

    At the moment it is very hard to find cheaper rates by switching. You can always check if you can save money but very likely this will not be the case.

    Will my bill be higher at British Gas?

    Prices are rising at all suppliers. Therefore, your new contract at British Gas will likely be for a higher rate than your previous contract.

    Should I take action given that Together Energy has stopped trading?

    Probably it is best to wait until British Gas is in touch. Then you can discuss your options with them and later always decide to switch if you want.

    I was just about to switch from Together Energy, should I do anything?

    Your switch should be processed like normal. No need to worry.

Updated on 11 Nov, 2022

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